Anabelle Latz

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We’re all out there to make the same product, and everyone helps each other out.

Anabelle Latz

Annabelle Latz first joined New Zealand Wineries in March 2013, just in time for her first ever harvest.

Her main role at NZW is as a cellar hand, and Annabelle has recently taken on the additional task of keeping the company’s website up to date with snippets of interesting bits and pieces of information.

Annabelle loves her job at NZW, and thrives on the constant learning curve of making wine.

“Being a cellar hand is so much fun and every day is different, it’s all about new challenges and lessons.”

She said asking questions to learn more is always an option in the cellar, and the team environment at NZW is a strong one.

Her most memorable experience in the wine industry was one from earlier this year, when she spent six weeks as a vintage cellar hand at Mount Pleasant Winery in the Hunter Valley, NSW, where she was exposed to new varieties such as Semillon and Viognier.