New Zealand Wineries Limited has seen its fair share of change and development since it stamped its mark on Marlborough’s wine scene in the late 1990’s.

In 1999 NZW set up the Marlborough Bottling Company (now Wineworks Marlborough) with 120,000 cases of wine being bottled during its first year of operation.

By vintage year 2000 NZW had developed the ‘large’ 600 tonne winery facility, located immediately adjacent to the bottling plant, which soon increased to accommodate over 10,000 tonnes.

At that time NZW sold its shares in the fast growing Marlborough Bottling Company, and focussed on building a new winery facility.

Growth in both companies meant the two facilities were now located on the current Liverpool St site. 

From a green field site in July 2003, three ‘individual’ 2,000 tonne wineries were built and ready for vintage 2004, with a range of small tanks to offer the required boutique service unmatched in Marlborough.

Growth has continually taken place since then, including this year’s sale of Mud House Wine Group to Accolade. 

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