All shook up, but we’re okay.

Amongst the wine industry, the first sign that things are starting to warm up is bud burst in the vineyards.

The F Word

Bud burst has stamped its mark in the vineyards, as Pinot Noir led the way, and the Sauvignon Blanc will soon be bringing up the rear.

She ain’t all that bad

It all was looking rather scary….. As the harvest of 2016 began , so did the promise of a good dose of rain. While the majority of the nation kicked back at the end of March for a swell Easter weekend of some comforting rain, hot cross buns and plenty of...

Our harvest recipe

Harvest is somewhat like baking a cake; the individual ingredients are collected, and combined in an orderly and calculated manner to produce the end singular creation. If the ingredients are mis-matched or not at the correct quantities, the cake will flop.

Celebrating Sauvignon Blanc with the world, on our back doorstep

It was a satisfying feeling for the Marlborough wine community last week, as it carried out a spectacular three day celebration of the wine variety that has put New Zealand on the global stage. The International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration took place in Marlborough from February 1-3, and was the first of...

As the years roll by

As the years roll by and the hours are clocked up at New Zealand Wineries, a family bond is formed. This sounds cheesy, but it actually does happen. This is mainly because harvest is such an intense time of the year, and it is the hard graft that is put in during...

What really matters

Crushing grapes, makin’ wine… Through a labour of love with more than occasional hardship, harvest is formed through a path of genius we create involving art, science, experimentation and passion. I am currently in Arizona completing a harvest, based at a winery and vineyard near the hick town of Willcox, about...

Marlborough shines the brightest

At this time of year, work in the cellar and winemakers office is all about blending, fining, filtering, bottling, stabilising the white wines, and racking some of the Pinot Noir.

Together as one

Building a team, team bonding, team building. Call it what you like, but when it comes in this form the end result is a good dose of laughter and some fine footage thanks to the immense of all at New Zealand Wineries!

Creating our frame

How we perceive the world around us is our choice, and our choice comes down to our own attitude.

A time to reflect

Harvest may be over, but it's the cultural lessons and friendships formed during and afterwards that keeps it firmly in our memories.

It's a wrap... 2015 harvest

Here's a few words about this year's harvest at New Zealand Wineries. A huge thanks and congratulations to all those involved, it's been a cracker.

All singing to the same tune

The hum of the harvesters, the whir of the presses, and the buzz of the vintage cellar crews..... It's arrived! The harvest of 2015 is gracing Marlborough's soils and wineries as we speak!

One team and one harvest vision

There still may be six weeks to go until we start seeing grapes arriving at NZW for the 2015 harvest, but we're into the full swing of things already when it comes to getting the winery in tip top shape.

Be fabulous this festive season

T’is the season to be jolly… and dress up as elves, reindeer, Santa, Christmas tree decorations, and angels.

The end of the beginning

We’ll call it the end of the beginning here at New Zealand Wineries. Like every other year, we reach December and gasp at how quickly the year has rolled by.It’s been a hugely positive year for the NZW team, full of learning curves and developments.

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