Together as one

Building a team, team bonding, team building.

Call it what you like, but when it comes in this form the end result is a good dose of laughter and some fine footage thanks to the immense of all at New Zealand Wineries!

Think Amazing Race style… Donning colour coded bandannas, on one recent balmy Friday afternoon each uniquely self-named team tore off from meeting room in central Blenheim, clutching a list of tasks, challenges and instructions.

Even before the doors to the outside world were thrust open, fierce competition began at the team’s tables as a quiz were knuckled out; our experience of daily trivia quiz standing us in good stead, perhaps.

From getting a photo with a person in uniform and hugging a blonde foreigner, to mowing a lawn and riding a horse, and even calculating water volumes and carrying out community service, it was a couple of hours where winemaking was put to the far reaches of our minds, and the primary goal was to snap pics of our daft acts of kindness, mayhem and true blue kiwi ingenuity.

It provoked some good banter on the Monday morning also, and as a team we now know we can conquer, well almost anything.

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