Red Wine

Red Wine Grapes

With a variety of open top and multi-fermenter tanks, NZW will fulfill the needs of every client. They range in size from 3.5 Tonnes to 10 Tonnes, and the newly installed 30 Tonne fermenters are ideal for a full truck and trailer of grapes. We have the option of hand plunging, automated plunging or pulse air for cap management.  

Small batches of hand- picked grapes are processed through a small crusher/destemmer away from the main processing area.

Barrel storage is available in a temperature controlled environment.

White Wine

White Wine Grapes

We have tanks ranging in size from 2500 litres to 270,000 litres. Four receival hoppers feed 18 X 10 Tonne presses and 3 X 35 Tonne presses. This allows NZW to receive multiple parcels of fruit at a rate capable of coping with the most challenging of vintage conditions. This ensures the fruit will be harvested in a short period of time, should the weather require it. 

Provision for hand-picked fruit with gentle handling enables the best quality juice is produced, for super premium parcels.

Barrel storage is available in a temperature controlled environment.



An up to date laboratory with modern equipment means analysis available at every winemaking stage, from the grape to the bottle. This allows for reliable results for the Client to use for enhancement of winemaking decisions.

Additional Services

cross flow technology and earth filtering

A variety of additional services are provided at NZW, including wine finishing using state of the art crossflow technology. Our direct pipeline for wine transfer to the bottling facility Wineworks allows clients to minimise wine movements.